Monday, October 19, 2015

A New Spring

This year it seems that spring will be coming late. At this time of the year the sun normally shines much more often and the temperature on average is higher. When spring finally arrives it will no doubt be welcomed with open arms.

This spring could be also be welcomed for another reason. If the referendum against spring hunting results in a majority voting no many would be welcoming a new spring for Maltese nature.

A no vote will stop the killing of turtle doves and quails on their way to breed.
Protected birds will be able to continue on their journey from their wintering grounds in Africa to their breeding areas in Europe without being shot and everybody will to see more in the countryside.

A no vote will also mean that the Maltese and visitors will be able to visit the countryside without being intimidated by gun wielding bullies and without fearing being hit by pellets.
A no vote will bring about the anarchy that requires a large number of policemen to bring under some semblance of control.

No other country allows the shooting of turtle doves and quail in spring and by voting no the Maltese will align the Maltese islands with the rest of Europe.

Since the start of the referendum campaign the hunters have been noticed by their absence. They are hiding themselves hoping that we will forget what the vote is really about.

They got themselves a spokeswoman to convince us to vote yes or to lull us into not voting. This is nothing but a real life version of the Biblical story about the wolf that covered itself in a sheep skin to gain the trust of the shepherds.

If the hunters’ ruse succeeds on the 12th of April they will throw off their skin and all hell will be let loose. The annual killing of migrating birds will start again with impunity.

The only way to bring about this new spring is for a majority of the Maltese voters not to be lulled into compliancy and on the 11th of April to vote no.

The April 11th referendum is an opportunity to vote in a new spring. 

This article was published in the Times of Malta  on 12 March 2015. 

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